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    Research on the eccentricity of rubber sheathed cable
    發布人:Zhongjian電器 日期:2020-06-08 點擊:
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    Rubber sheathed cable is a kind of flexible and movable cable product, which is made of many strands of thin copper wire as conductor and covered with rubber insulation and rubber sheath. Rubber sheathed cable is widely used in various electrical equipment. With the rapid development of economy this year, the use of rubber sheathed cable continues to increase. It is very important to solve the quality problems in the production of rubber sheathed cable quickly. The problem of rubber extrusion eccentricity often occurs in the production process of rubber sheathed cable. In order to reduce the quality problem, this paper explores the problem of rubber extrusion eccentricity.
    The effect of Mooney viscosity on the eccentricity of rubber extrusion
    The fluidity of rubber material has a great influence on the eccentricity of rubber extrusion. If the fluidity is too good or too bad, it is easy to produce eccentricity, which makes it difficult for workers to adjust the deviation in practice. Mooney viscosity can accurately reflect the fluidity of rubber material. Generally, Mooney viscosity of insulating material is better at 40-50, and Mooney viscosity of sheath material is better at 55-75.
    The influence of processing temperature on the eccentricity of rubber extrusion
    The extrusion temperature of the production and process should be set properly when the machine is started to adjust the deviation, so as to ensure the full melting of the rubber material. If the temperature is set too low, the insufficient melting will lead to the different melting degree of the rubber material when the machine is started to adjust the deviation, resulting in the different melting pressure and eccentricity.
    The influence of die matching on the eccentricity of rubber extrusion
    During production, the mould is suitable for selection and matching, and the mould core should not be too large, which will easily shake the cable core position and cause eccentricity. Moreover, the die sleeve should not be too small, which should be 0-0.5mm larger than the actual outer diameter of the machine.
    Die set selection is too small, discharge is not smooth, head pressure is too large, easy to cause eccentricity.
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